About Notpod

From 2005 to December 2011, Notpod was known by the name iTunes Agent. The application has been serving users who wish to synchronize their mass storage devices with iTunes, with an easy (and free!) way to do just that.

Notpod was founded by Jaran Nilsen and he has since 2005 also been the lead developer on the project.

The following people have been contributing to the project and deserve big thanks!

  • Andreas Mettauer for development assistance.
  • Aaron(purpl3mod) for code contributions.
  • Dave (promisedplanet) for forum support assistance.
  • Justin Katz for development assistance.
  • Marco Lusini for code contributions.
  • PamC (lmnopc), for debugging assistance.
  • Robert Grabowski for code contributions.

Notpod is not associated with, or supported by, Apple Inc in any way.