Contribute to Notpod

Greetings! Due to time constraints, it is no longer possible for me to actively contribute to Notpod to the extent that I would like. I would therefore like to invite you to actively contribute to the project.

The project has always been open to contributions, but I would love to see someone come in and be able to contribute on a more regular basis and help move the application development forward. There is a large, consistent user base for Notpod and I see lots of potential in the application.

If you want to contribute and become an active developer on the project, please submit a pull request via Github for evaluation. The pull request can be any improvement to the codebase you see fit - anything from a small bug fix to a larger new feature.

Should you have any questions regarding the codebase, or the future of the project. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via the developer mailinglist.

Best regards,